Kat Stacks Talks Karrine, Son & The Worst Situation Of Her Life


You remind a lot of people of Karrine Steffans. What do you think her opinion of you is?
I think she’s the only woman who I would actually like to know her opinion. We both kind of came from the same place. When I used to work, I read her books. 

Did she inspire you at all?
She inspired me to speak out and made me stronger about my past. I felt she got out of it, but maybe I can get out of it too.

You have a son, right? How old is he?
10 months.

How do you think he’ll look at his mother when he gets older?
I think one day he’ll understand what I had to do to protect him. He’s financially good now. When I’m out of town, my mother takes care of him. I don’t let anyone outside my family take care of him. I keep him away from that.

But what about once he gets older?
I know he’s going to hear about it, but I don’t think he’s going to be mad. I think he’s going to love me for who I am. Once he grows up it’s not going to be the same drunk girl making videos. Things are turning around little by little. 

If you’re son was a girl do you think you would look at your situation any differently?
I think if my son was a girl I’d be more overprotective. I’d be home every day. It would be much different.

For someone whose had such a rough life. What is the one situation that always sticks out?
I’d go back to the day before I stepped foot outside my house. I had $1,300 I took from my mom. I had pajamas on and just took a cab to this horrible guy’s house. And everything was over. I’ll never forget that day.

Do you pray at all?
I pray every night.

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