Kat Talks Apologizing To Soulja, Fabolous & Forgiving Her Slapper [Pg. 3]


Right. So what did he do? 

With the Soulja Boy stuff, everyone was saying ‘I would never lay up with this dirty bitch, blah blah’ and he was saying the same stuff about me to another girl. She was actually my best friend and he was seeing her and me at the same time. I didn’t think it was going to be that tragic. It was a drunk day when I recorded the video.

Did you apologize in person?

I actually started talking to him [again] on Twitter.

I’m guessing DM helped that out?

Yeah through DM is how we started talking again. 

Is there anyone else you’ve apologized to that you’re cool with now?

Nah, I haven’t apologized even when I get slapped from people in their camp. I talk to Fab and his peoples from time to time. I even became kind of cool with the guy that slapped me. [Laughs] It’s crazy.

It is. So you’re cool with a dude who slapped you? 

Fab is not like the rest of the guys who started up in the industry. He’s from the streets and I understand the code of the streets that I disrespected him. Fab didn’t send them to do that to me. They were actually his close friends and acted out that day. The guy who slapped me apologized and said it was out of anger. They started talking to me more after my Soulja Boy video.

Are you still in physical relationships with other rappers?

I still mess around with other rappers but it’s just dating, like single dating.

A friends with benefits type deal? 


You don’t fuck with average Joes?

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