Kat Talks Regrets, Soulja Boy & Coke Vs. Baby Powder [Pg. 2]


So what’s it like when Andrea Herreras sobered up watching Kat Stacks? 

I actually like her because she gave a voice to other women to speak up and stand up for herself. The video I saw last night, Yung Berg’s baby mama, she was saying how Yung Berg hasn’t paid child support, she was already following me. And she was like you inspired me to put him out there and I was laughing [laughs]. 

You sound amused with yourself. Does that mean you have no regrets?

I don’t regret any of the things I’ve done to the people I exposed… except for Soulja Boy. We were actually good friends and we just had one misunderstanding and lack of communication that day when I put the video out. I did it out of being angry that day instead of thinking of what we had in the past. I apologized to him and we’re friends now, we squashed beef. It’s not the same relationship as before, but we’re still cool. 

Your words make it seem like he was your boyfriend.

Um, not really a boyfriend, but someone I can sit down and relate to and not just be about sex. It was more than a physical connection. 


More on the romantic note? 


Gotcha. Did you guys meet before the public knew about you or after? 

I met him after the public knew about me. He hit me up first because he used to see one of my model friends. I met him through her. [We’ve known each other] for a few months. 

What made that video stand out so much amongst the rest was that you painted Soulja as a cokehead. Was that coke or baby powder?

I don’t really want to talk about the video because me and him decided not to talk about the video ever again.

Understandable, but since that is the one video you regret, wouldn’t it be best for his sake to clear the coke thing up…

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