Keratin Hair Treatment Review: Keratin Complex By Coppola


Here’s an alternative to going stick-straight all sans the harsh relaxers.

Have you thought about trying a Keratin hair straightening treatment? As a Black woman it’s sometimes hard to part with a relaxer if you’ve been getting one for years but this product will leave your hair super straight and much more healthier than a chemical relaxer.

Like a lot of Black women I’ve been relaxing, perming and pressing my hair since I was a little girl. Kid relaxers were no stranger to be even at the age of four or five years. Yes, I could say “F*** it,” and go natural, but I like my hair in a certain style and I don’t have the time or patience to deal with natural locks.

Over the past year my hair has not been dealing well with relaxers. Most, recently I suffered a huge breakage problem that lost a good few months of growth I’ve achieved. My hair stylist suggested I try this thing I’ve never heard before called Keratin straightening. It’s not like the Japanese or Brazilian straightening treatments you may have heard of. Those can contain nasty chemicals that can hurt your hair just as much as a relaxer. This product non-chemically based and penetrates deep into the cuticle of your hair to eliminate up to 95% of frizz.

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