Lamman Rucker On Kim Fields, New Projects & Body Product Line


You’re taping the new season of Meet The Browns. Talk about what it’s like working with Kim Fields, who sometimes directs the sitcom.

We have a great relationship, Kim like a big sister. I’ve known her for a number of years even prior to her working with us so it’s wonderful to have her on board. She knows her stuff and she’s doing an incredible job as a director. That’s one of the wonderful things about our relationship. Kim is very sharp, she’s very intelligent and she also understands things as a woman, as a daughter, as a mother and a wife as well. Hopefully Kim will be doing a lot more stuff with us in the coming season of Meet the Browns and some of the other things that are gonna be happening with the studio. Kim’s gonna be one of our next tycoons in this industry, she’s a mogul in the making.

Tell me about your latest film N-Secure.

It’s actually a murder mystery and a suspense thriller. It tested well from what I understand, so they did a feature release. So that will be on the airways soon.  I shot N-Secure in Memphis a few years ago. Essence Atkins is in it, so is Denise Boutte who plays my wife on Meet the Browns and Tempestt Bledsoe also costars in the movie.

What’s your dream role to play?

There’s a project that I’m aware of that’s in development about Paul Robeson that I think is going to be an incredible. That’s the type of man, and the type of legacy that I can definitely see myself being apart of. He’s one of the men that I model my life after. Not always consciously but just by trying to be a multi-dimensional multifaceted person and trying to use the gifts and the creativity and the intellectual and academic opportunity that have been available to me.  Robeson was all of those things and for the greater good and uplifting of a people to fight for justice and equality of other people⎯all people⎯regardless of what they look like or what language they speak.

You’re really making things like that happen, thanks to your theater company…

The theater company that me and my partners created a couple of years ago is called The Black Gents of Hollywood. We have a play right now that’s running in New York Off-Broadway about the Tuskegee Airmen called, Black Angels Over Tuskegee. Everday when we pray before we go on stage, one of the last things that we say is, “For all those who’ve gone before for all whose who are yet to be born, Black Angel.” So there are angels from our past who are in our present and as the angels of the future we have a responsibility to represent them and uplift them. It’s just an incredible story of discipline and fortitude and teamwork and brotherhood. It’s been running successfully since January and we’re very proud of it. We’re getting ready to get it on the road.

And in addition to your movie and TV career you also have a bath and body line, right?

Yes. I have a new bath and body product called For Plai that will be launching soon. It’s an all natural paraben free bath and body line for women and couples so there’s unisex body scrubs body butters and body mists. It feels great, smells incredible and I use it head to toe. It’s really a labor of love. 

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