Let’s Just Be Friends: 9 Beefs That 50 Cent Squashed

The Beef: 50 Cent vs. Diddy

The Break-Up: 50 and Diddy have gotten involved in several very public beefs. Fif took shots at Diddy on his mixtape cut, “Hip-Hop,” in the mid-2000s after Diddy wouldn’t let him sign Mase without paying a large fee. They’ve also feuded this year after 50 said Diddy’s music “sucks.” And Diddy’s close relationship with Rick Ross, 50’s rival right now, hasn’t helped things.

The Make-Up: 50 and Diddy have made up a number of times, usually at the request of close mutual friends. But their most recent makeup occurred at the beginning of September when they had a chance to sit down and work out their differences.

Friend or Foe? If history has taught us anything, it’s that these two are destined to end up having a war of words again sometime in the future.