Making Of ‘Denim Flow’ (Pg. 2)





SEPT 26, 2010: Came back the next day. I walked in the studio, Cudi, John Legend was in there, Pusha was in there and Kanye was like, Man, there’s so much talent in the room we should do something. So it was literally that extemporaneous.

He had a Juno keyboard set up, I jumped on it, started playing some chords. Kanye already had the title, which set the tone for what everybody was talking about and then I jumped to the piano, started playing some stuff and next thing I know I told Banks… I had invited Banks to come by the studio. He came by the studio and by the end of the night, Banks and Cudi had already put their verses on the record the first night and we had already laid the hooks and Ye came up with the hook of what’s happening right now, why do I keep calling, we got all this going on, we got girls, we got shows, we got the master plan, we all successful but there’s still that one chick we still wanna call. That’s where the hook came up. Me, Cudi and John Legend jumped in the studio, all layered our vocals, and then we had a bunch of other stuff in between. I wasn’t there when Pusha laid his verse.

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