Making Of ‘Denim Flow’ (Pg. 3)


OCT. 2, 2010: The following Friday after his rehearsal for SNL I came back by the studio. We were dealing with the leaks and everything and he was like, “Yo, man, I still feel like we can finish this and put it out.” It was late, super late. Pusha probably left like 6 in the morning and initially we had done that slow version, the slow version that I start off [rapping]. We had initially done that slow version and Kanye has another cat named Mike Dean who’s doing a lot of production, so he put some guitars and everything on it.

But then Kanye was like, Man, I feel like we need some more energy. So we sped it up, created a new thing, we kind of stretched it, we put it together, he created a whole new drum track and everything and that’s what him and Pusha jumped on.

7:30 a.m: Saturday morning, that’s the point at which Ye had just finished up his verse and then I was like, “Yo, I have something I wanna say.” And you know, we did what we supposed to do on Ye’s verse, probably one of the most classic verses in modern hip-hop in my opinion, right up there with Biggie’s roll call of R&B girls [on “Dreams”]. And then I said, “Well, I got something to say as well.” It was like 8 in the morning. To actually have that ability to say, “Look, yeah I already sang on the hook and everything but I have something to say” and actually be able to collaborate with him and us get it right and everything…

8:00 a.m: It was like two takes and then we left

11:00 a.m: By 11, the guys at the studio had put a nice mix on it and next thing you know the joint was posted and we had a really great response.

OCT 3, 2010: By Sunday it was on Hot 97.

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