Marques Houston Talks Gender Roles In Relationships.


R&B singer/actor Marques Houston, who recently released his fifth solo album ‘Mattress Music’, used his newest body of work to express the passion and pleasure of relationships, and hopes his audience will make a few babies in the process. However, amidst all the XXX lyrics and arousing beats, Houston, 29, revealed to us that without solid relationships, the act of sex is meaningless. Admitting he’s never been a fan of casual sex and never had a one night stand, even with the temptations of his career, Marques said he’s guy who believes those involved in amazing relationships will always have amazing sex — if and when men take on the responsibility to listen to their women.

Listening, especially in relationships, is an art — it’s something that needs to be cultivated and maintained in order to keep your skills sharp. Houston admits that after years of dating, including his current two-year relationship with a woman who is rumored to be his fiancee, he’s learned that listening is a must. Houston spoke to Black Voices about deconstructing the myth of the “complicated woman:”

What’s the number one mistake men tend to make in interacting with a woman?
Marques Houston: Fellas don’t listen enough. That’s why men always end up losing their women. All you really have to do is ask questions and listen.

Would you say you’ve mastered the art of listening?
I’ve grown up with women my whole life. On the set of ‘Sister, Sister,’ and on ‘Cuts’ I was surrounded by women. I always like to sit and talk with a woman, hear their conversations [with each other], making me really good with women. Women are easier than we think, knowing how to react to them is easier than you think if you just listen to them.

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