Mashonda & La La Talk Ludacris & Tyrese [Pg. 3]


As a career woman with choices, what’s your main goal?
My main goal in my career is to continue to be successful and multi-faceted. I do believe a person can be more then one thing. I want my production company to continue to grow, I want to really get into acting a lot more. My show on VH1 has been extremely successful so far so I’m in a great place.

What was it like to share your wedding with the world?
It was fun, I really enjoyed it. You know what you’re getting yourself into when you’re doing reality shows. If you don’t want cameras around, or don’t want to expose certain things, you shouldnʼt do a reality show. It is true that after a while you forget the cameras are even there, they become invisible to you. When I look at the end product, I am very happy with how things turned out.

You and Luda go way back, how did you feel about having him on your show?
Having Ludacris on the show was a big moment for me because we started our careers together, he took me under his wing when we were at the radio station in Atlanta. You’re looking at eleven years later and I’m getting married, and he’s still here supporting me. It was great to go back in the studio where it all started and just have a heart-to-heart talk.

On the show, Tyrese makes a point that it’s very important who you hang around,now that you are a married woman. How do you measure his insight?
I have mixed feelings on that. I’ve known Tyrese since I was sixteen years old, and he’s always given me strong advice about life, but sometimes I’m like ‘Ugh I don’t know if I wanted to hear that,’ but I appreciate him. I don’t think you have to be in a marriage to understand the dynamics of being married. If you are a friend that is respectful of my situation, you know that there are things I can’t do that the single people can. My friends would never try to pull me into that kind of stuff. A lot of my friends have been my friend before I even knew Melo, including yourself, so how crazy would it be if I said ‘Yeah, I’m married now, don’t ever call me again.’?! The fact of the matter is, with society being the way it is today, it’s not like I can go find other married people to go hang out with. It’s slim pickings when you have to go find another married couple that shares the same values as you do, and that you actually want to hang out with them.

Last Words…
It is not often that you meet somebody in the beginning of their career, watch them grind, and then watch them succeed, then have the honor of watching them still be the same great person you met in the beginning. If you visit her blog, you will get a peak at what her life is all about. Her gorgeous son Kiyan, her fun high-energy girlfriends, and most recently, her swagged out husband Carmelo Anthony. With a new movie on the way called
Guns starring Val Kilmer and 50 Cent, Lala is proving that she can do it all. I’m proud of you La!

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