Mashonda & La La Talk Sex After Marriage & Date Nights [Pg. 2]


How do you keep your sex life exciting after marriage and a baby?
You have to keep yourself up to your standards, whatever that may be. Keeping yourself looking good and staying confident about yourself. You have to bring that confidance to the bedroom, you can’t be covering up and being ashamed of yourself. Keep things spicy. I still buy sexy lingerie and perfumes. Little things that he always will notice and say “Oh wow, what do you have on?” You can’t ever let that die.

Do you and Melo have a date night?
We always have a date night, we never know what night because of our schedule, but we do make that happen very often. We are movie and restaurant people. Fun for us is also doing family things, like taking Kiyan to concerts and shows. This weekend we aregoing to get Kiyan’s Halloween costume. It seems simple, but we will turn it into a bigthing for him. Our sons have been friends since birth, its going to be fun to watch them grow into men.

What’s the most valuable thing you want Kiyan to know as a man?
It’s some something so simple; treat people the way you want to be treated. Something my mom instilled in me. I think that will take him the longest way. If you ever look at what you are doing to someone else, and then put yourself in someone else’s position, you may say ‘Hey, what I’m doing is not cool.’ Wether it be another woman, man or your boss or anyone, we should treat people the way we expect to be treated. He has to know he’s not better that anyone else. Our kids have access to so many things that it’seasy for them to get lost in the whole, ‘My dad is Swizz Beatz, my dad is Carmelo Anthony.’ It’s very easy for them to get lost in that kind of world. We have to constantly reelthem back into the reality of it all.

As a career woman with choices, what’s your main goal?

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