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Every other day, there’s a new report of one of our favorite celebs getting caught doing something they shouldn’t or being at the wrong place at the wrong time with the end result being jail time. From Gucci Mane to Lil’ Boosie on over to Lil Wayne and (my personal favorite) T.I., these celebrities can’t seem to keep their noses clean.

The story seems to be the same…your personal favorite gets caught, it makes all the news and blog sites, they do a little stint in jail and get out on parole only to find that a couple months later, they’re repeating the process. And it seems never ending.

No sooner than your favorite is shown on YouTube leaving a parole hearing, you’ll see some of their fans rocking a “Free ____” t-shirt. For what?

It’s easy for one to become annoyed with the obvious idiocies and repetitious patterns. They’re millionaires who have the world handed to them, able to live life worry (and bill) free because of their success. But what’s more annoying are those who show support of this behavior by expressing dismay over the fact that they’re locked up to begin with. The fans aren’t the only ones who carry this guilt.

Celebrities seem to have an infinite stream of enablers around them, yes-men and women who cosign the good and the bad for the sole purpose of remaining on their payroll. No matter how asinine the stunt or ridiculous the outcome will be, there’s always that healthy few to say “It’s okay.” 

While I completely understand one’s desire to have nothing but the best for their favorite artist, please keep in mind that those same artists aren’t keeping their fans at the forefront of their minds by maintaining the presidential suite in jail and ultimately taking away from time spent with their art form.

I have been T.I.’s biggest fan for going on six years now. From his very first album to all the mix tapes, I’ve been his “Bonnie” cheering him on from afar. While I appreciate his talent and respect him as an artist, it saddens me to see a man be given so much with even MORE to offer the world throwing it away for the sake of a good time. Okay, so he may be an addict (his own admission was the first step to hopefully permanently fixing the problem). But why should I feel obligated to say that I back him no matter what, or that I offer a cosignature for his lackadaisical “attempts” at redemption? Truthfully speaking, if he doesn’t care, then I don’t either. If he’s not concerned with his wife and children being able to spend as much time with him as possible, I’ll look the other way. If he’s not concerned with being able to live life on the outside so that he can keep giving us the hotness in the studio, fine…I’ll simply rock with the oldies. And further, if he can’t see how immensely blessed he is but continues to make these mistakes (even with good “friends” by his side), that’s cool too. You just won’t see me rocking a “Free T.I.” t-shirt when he receives his proverbial slap in the face after the judge issues his sentence.

And trust me, I am not judging. Like many of you, I have absolutely no room to do so. However, when it comes down to the choice of being a fan with tunnel vision or a fan who can enjoy a celebrity but TRULY wants the best for them, I’d much rather be the latter. The “freedom” comes in knowing that my fave gives a damn about their own life and doesn’t rely on the delusional to do it for them.


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Just around the corner 📸 - @jflei

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