@Noreaga Vs. @PerezHilton: An Oral History


A less-than-polite February 2009 post on PerezHilton.com engaged the two unlikeliest of personalities in Twitter beef (Tweef!). See where the shots landed —As told to Tracy Garraud



Noreaga @PerezHilton: Perez Hilton is a douchebag…lol..
N.O.R.E.: I was locked up and had just gotten out. I got so many calls from people saying ‘Yo Perez said something about you!’ He accused me of doing something—and then put ‘Douche bag.’ I was mad about the irresponsible journalism. So I went to war with my fingers.
PEREZ HILTON: He called me a douche bag with an “lol” at the end. That’s kinda gay [laughs]. I say that jokingly. I loved [that he shouted me out]; I like any press. That’s why I responded. 

Perez Hilton @Noreaga: At least you know who I am, bitch! xoxo
N.O.R.E.: He knocked me down with “I don’t even know you.” [laughs] I was like “Oh shit, I gotta go in.” 

Noreaga @PerezHilton: But u r homo n a way that’s foul. if u don’t know how I am,y would u call me a douchebag. google my police records!
N.O.R.E.: I regret referring to his sexuality. That was wack. I was clearly emotional .
PEREZ: I thought he was a has-been. Calling me a douche bag, was as creative as he got. I took it up a notch after the gay comment.

Perez Hilton @Noreaga: Me being a homo is foul? Is it because I’m open about it but you keep your gayness on the downlow??? xoxox
N.O.R.E.: If I had seen him that week, I might’ve head butted him.
PEREZ: I wasn’t fearing for my safety or anything.

Noreaga: alchemist can u tell ya brother perez 2 be easy! it’s jokes queen!!!! All cause u got maxwell on ya 1st single Alc?? LOL!!!!!
PEREZ: I don’t know who Alchemist is.
N.O.R.E: Me and Alchemist were joking earlier—I kept talking about his beard and somebody created @AlchemistsBeard—so I brought him it for an extra laugh.

Noreaga: Lighten up! laugh out loud!!!! Perez Hilton for secretary of state!!!!
PEREZ: There’s no way to win Twitter beef with me. If he was somebody really famous I would’ve kept at it. But he’s not. So I didn’t want to waste my time.
I’ll call the beef a draw. It turned into a battle of the sexes as opposed to a battle of men. I remember Angie Martinez calling me like, “Dude you’re crazy! What are you doing arguing with him?!”



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