Office Poll: Does Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday’ Album Cover Rock?


You’re preposterous if you thought Nicki Minaj’s album cover would be any other color but PINK. The muthaf*ckin Monsta opts for a cotton-candy hue and takes her Barbie pose to the max in this snapshot of shorty armless. Peep the visuals for Pink Friday, dropping November 22 now (It was pushed up one day) and see how folks around the office rated the album art from 1 to 10.

9 – More creative than other album covers. Quite creative.

9.5 –The legs symbolize longevity. ‘Fuck y’all bitches!’ 

9.5 – She reminds me of… a cartoon.

7 – She looks like Barbie meets Stretch Armstrong.

- I like the positioning of the dress. I like the styling, but the “no arms” thing bothers me. Makes her look like an amputee.

10.5 – Because it’s Barbie, bitches!

9 – She’s definitely pushing the limits. I think she may be taking the Barbie thing a bit too far, though.

3 – She’s weird. She needs to stop making all those funny faces. Where are her arms? She needs to realize that the Barbie thing has been done before. 

7 – It’s visually interesting, but it’s scary at the same time.

9- The album cover is  fun and girly. I like the pink.

10- Visually it’s appealing. It does look like Barbie.