Pandora’s Box: Mashonda & La La Talk Love, Life + Post-Baby Sex


From Brooklyn, to New Jersey, to crunk town Atlanta, Alani “La La” Vasquez had no choice but to develop a healthy attitude towards all walks of life. With her hazel-green eyes, caramel skin and striking charisma, I believe it was La La’s duty to be an entertainment personality. I caught up with her the otherday to talk about her “non-traditional” relationship with Carmelo Anthony, and her Vh1 reality show, “La La’s Full Court Wedding”

MASHONDA: How does it feel being a new wife?
LA LA: Being a new wife actually feels the same. I mean inside you know its official and yourlast name is different but overall the relationship is the same. Which is actually a goodthing. A lot of people change when they get married.

How did you and Carmelo hook up?
I met him through Dj Clue and I was totally against the whole thought of dating abasketball player. Being on MTV, I ran into rappers, singers and athletes all the time.Nothing against them, but I just knew what that lifestyle was like. With Melo and myself,we started out with a friendship and was able to build a relationship on a good foundation.

What was the hardest part about dating a NBA player?
The fact is that we are two people, with two careers. He’s on the road, and I’m off doingmy thing as well. Already, you have a disadvantage. So now the main thing is trust andcommunication. I know what goes on out there, I know that life. I just think its all abouttrust, but at the same time, as a woman, we can’t consume ourselves with what they aredoing all the time. We can’t forget about living and having our own life, which issomething I’ve always advocated. I stay busy and doing my thing so that I’m notconstantly concerned with what he might be doing. If there was anything that everneeded to be brought to my attention, I’m sure it would. But, I’m not going to be goingand looking for anything. There has got to be a level of trust and respect. Melo is very respectful.

Did you ever think Melo would be your husband?
I always enjoyed my time with him. We understood each other, and the thing with us is that we balance each other out. I’m very outgoing and outspoken and he’s very laidback and reserved. Marriage isn’t something I was really focused on, I just wanted to have a steady balanced relationship, and with time and growth, that’s what we established.

You said that in your relationship you didn’t do things the traditional way, do you find that “non-traditional” makes things harder, or easier?
“Non-traditional” makes it harder only in the aspect that people will have something tosay. A lot of people don’t understand or agree with “non traditional” At the end of the day a person has to do what works for them. Only you know your relationship.

How do you keep your sex life exciting after marriage and a baby? 

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