Pilar Sanders Spills The Beans On ‘Football Wives’

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Pilar Sanders, wife of retired All-Pro cornerback Deion Sanders, has what a lot of people fantasize about⎯beauty and wealth. However, she feels that what’s most important in her life is faith, charity and ensuring that her family is happy, healthy and making positive contributions to society. The world first met the Sanders Family on Oxygen’s 2008 reality series, Prime Time Love, where they seemed like a 21st century Huxtables.

That show didn’t make it to season two but they’ve decided to give reality TV another try on Vh1’s Football Wives. Like Basketball Wives, Football Wives will chronicle the lives of wives⎯actual wives this time⎯of the women married to the men who play America’s favorite sport. While viewers will get to see what the women’s home lives are like, the show will also depict them trying to establish or continue their own careers and identities beyond just being an athlete’s wife. In Pilar’s case, she runs charities with her husband but also plans to pick up her modeling and acting career again. VIBE caught up with the Queen of the Sanders clan to get a glimpse into the Football Wives season. ⎯Starrene Rhett

VIBE: What can people expect from Football Wives this season?

Pilar Sanders: They can expect crazy drama. They can expect to look into the lives of what it really is to be a football wife. The ups and the downs, the goods and the bads⎯what we go through in our personal relationships, in our public personas, what we go through with our husbands and family and trying to handle and juggle everything at the same time yet still try to be the woman of our own dreams where we’re working on our own dreams or doing philanthropic work. It’s a good gage of what’s real.

Did you know any of the football wives before taping or were you thrown into an unknown mix.

I knew one, but for the most part, I did walk into a situation where I didn’t really know the wives. I knew one and the other wives had some kind of relationship with each other. A lot of them played on the same team in the NFL or the UFL so they knew each other prior. I was the new kid on the block.

You’re no stranger to reality TV so how’d you get involved with this show?

It was the outcome of Prime Time Love. We definitely had a host of supporters who were women and they never stopped supporting the show, they never stopped supporting us and they were always looking for something else to come about and the opportunity to do Football Wives came up and I said, “Alright, let’s go,” and it was an opportunity to work with women who were doing the same thing or in the same places as far as relationships and husbands where some of us were or some of us are right now so I thought it would be nice to jump back in to give the audience another side of who I am and jump in with the girls.

Just to sidetrack a bit, can we expect another season of Prime Time Love?

There’s been talk about it. I’ll say that.

The first season seemed to get really popular but then it never came back. What happened?

It was on the Oxygen network and what happened was for the second season they wanted to move us to an hour. They were moving all the reality shows to an hour, the end. We wanted to stay at 30 minutes so we declined to do the hour henceforth declining to do a second season.

All the hours of taping must have been stressful.

Yeah, it was long enough doing a half hour show so it was like, “You mean we gotta double this?” So yeah, it was a lot. The children in the house were kind of used to it but we had crews of 10, 15 or 20 people in our house at a time. It wasn’t bad but we wanted to keep it to a half an hour at that time. 

Back to Football Wives. This is a generalization but one thing that’s really noticeable in comparison with relationships in the basketball league is that football relationships seem more solid and the marriages last longer. What’s your theory on why that is?