Reality TV Recap: 3 Inappropriate Moments At LaLa’s Wedding

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Weddings are obviously stressful, and it’s not always because of the endless planning and details. Sometimes the folks around us can add to that boiling point. Here are 3 mortifying things we noticed last night in relation to LaLa’s wedding.

1. Aunt Bertha’s Sexual Antics

We’re not sure what LaLa’s Aunt’s name really is but she made us uncomfortable while watching the bridal brunch when the older women in LaLa’s family suggested that she and Carmelo have more children. LaLa’s mom started it by bringing up the thought of a new Little Anthony running around and the freaky gifts didn’t help but Aunt Bertha bouncing up and down in her chair chanting “get busy,” took things to a new level of mortifying. Sure, we’re all grown but imagine if your 60-something Aunt did that to you? Did you throw up a little in your mouth? Yeah, we thought so.

2. Pranks

Shortly before marching down the aisle, Carmelo got the bright idea to tell LaLa that he couldn’t go through with it, in jest. LaLa didn’t fall for it but still…pranking the bride on the wedding day is like slapping Chuck Norris—you will get beat down.

3. Hitting on Children

Kim Kardashian is cute, but inappropriate comments about the bride’s son are not. Kimmie Cakes got the bright idea to suggest dating three-year-old Kiyan when he got legal, while she gave her speech to the happy couple. She claimed she was kidding when Kelly Rowland called her out but at that point it was too late, the creepiness had set in. First Justin Bieber, now Kiyan Anthony. [Insert raised eyebrow].