Reality TV Recap: 5 Beyonce-Inspired Bridesmaid Looks For La La’s Cousin Dice


LaLa’s Full Court Wedding

Sure, LaLa and Carmelo Anthony are married by now, but there’s fun in watching what steps she took to put the affair together. We get to watch LaLa’s satelites, ie. her cousin Dice, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, her mom, Beyonce’s cousin and more make preparations to help the then blushing bride to be see her nuptials through without a hitch. This brings us back to Dice, who else was amused last night watching her try on different brides maids dresses?

Here’s the thing, Dice obviously doesn’t like wearing dresses and looked awkward while trying them on but we wanted to have fun with her anyway. Here’s what her dresses would have looked like had they been more glam…along the lines of Beyonce.