Reality TV Recap: Fantasia Gets Sexy; Real & Chance Tackle A Hogasaurus

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Fantasia For Real

Fantasia shot her video for “Bittersweet,” which involved a racy scene that featured Devon Thomas (Washington Redskins Receiver). Tasia said she was nervous but their chemistry was bananas. As it turned out, Thomas had a crush on Tasia so her manager attempted to stir the pot a bit by encouraging a dinner date. Fanny obliged and although they had a great time at dinner, she still claimed that she wasn’t ready be dating. Translation: She turned down a foine football player for a lame-o with a wife. But in other news, Teeny had the bright idea to create a “butt naked car wash” as a way to promote his new single (whatever it’s called) and decided to hold stripper auditions. Several butter-faces came to pop their cakes but in the end, he only picked about three girls (who donned the finest of Apple Bottoms couture) claiming that three of the best were good enough to get the business going. The buttnakedness turned into a bikini car wash because Teeny forgot that it’s illegal to get naked in public.

LaLa’s Full Court Wedding

Carmelo sent LaLa and her girls, Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland and cousin Dice on a private jet to Las Vegas where the ladies hooked her up with a bachelorette party. The ladies didn’t get crazy but it was still a lavish, fun affair. They spent the night noshing on food, drinking and playing rhythm games. Melo had nothing to worry about. Once LaLa was back in L.A., her next order of business was figuring out her dress. At a week away from her wedding, she still hadn’t made a decision. The choices were between a pink dress and a white Vera Wang dress. Dice suggested the Vera Wang dress. By now, you saw the pics on your favorite gossip blog so you know which one she picked.

Real and Chance

We can’t make this stuff up. Real and Chance went hunting for the “Hogasaurus” in the backwoods of Alabama. The beast is reported to be bigger and more untamable than “Hogzilla,” the original giant hog that weighed in at 1,050 lbs. Real and Chance’s objective was to track, tranquilize, measure, and weigh the monster but even Forrest Gump knows that didn’t happen. Basically, they met up with some sort of hog wrestling brotherhood who showed them the ropes of taming swine in a private pigpen. When it was time for the brothers to head into the wild, they stepped up and showed that they could be brave (which was clearly doubtful before). The Hogasaurus remained elusive but they did manage to become the first “brothers” (literally and figuratively) inducted into the hog hunting society (or whatever its called). Maybe they’ll have better luck next week when they search for giant snakes (no Anaconda).