Rookie Watch: Lil’ Lody Talks Producing For Diddy & Rick Ross’ ‘Bugatti Boyz’ Album


Take a look at Diddy’s legendary Hitmen collective: Deric ‘D-Dot’ Angelette, Buckwild, Stevie J. It’s evident that the rapping mogul has an ear for HQ music. So it only took hearing one melody from up-and-coming beatmaker Lil’ Lody for Mr. Combs to request his own hit of audio dope.

“[Diddy] was interested after hearing ‘Summa’s Mine,’” Lody says of his cinematic instrumental for Rick Ross. Diddy was so moved that he requested some tracks from the newbie producer, one of which would become the first single for Ross and Diddy’s collaborative Bugatti Boyz project.

“I’d just got word [from Ross] like, ‘Send me some tracks.’” the Memphis producer remembers. “I sent maybe 10 beats, then I got word that a big rapper was finna come out, but I didn’t know who it was until two days before the song’s release… It was a real big surprise for me.”

The result was the eerie, alarm-ringing “Another One,” the Bugatti Boyz lead single. Lody, who’s previously produced for Waka Flocka Flame and Triple Seis, says it’s only the first of several of his melodies the two rappers hopped on.

“[Ross] was like, ‘Salute, lil’ homie, you got big stuff finna pop,’” says Lody, adding that he’s contributing three tracks for Ricky’s next album. “They just want crazy sounds, stuff that nobody [else] really got. I got this gangsta sound—I create all my sound by myself—but my style is real versatile.“

“I study other people’s sound,” Lody continues, noting Drumma Boy and The Runners as influences. “I just think, ‘What do I gotta do to make mine go harder?”

Lil’ Lody will continue making noise, with an upcoming record with Bun B, plus pending productions for The Game, Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled and Birdman. As for his past track record, Lody is mum on the rumors of Ross targeting Jeezy on his lethal “Summa’s Mine” cut.

“I ain’t got nothing to do with what he spit on there,” he says. “It was just a record to me. Jeezy, he a cool nigga.  People take it how they want.” —John Kennedy


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