Sean Garrett On Nicki Minaj's 'Massive Attack': 'I Didn't Push It On Her'

With news of Sean Garrett signing with Roc Nation/Columbia Records, the once free agent finally has a place to call home.

Over the past several years, the multi-talented singer/songwriter/producer has written and produced Top 10 hits for the likes of BeyoncéUsher, and Britney Spears, earning him the Jay-Z-anointed nickname “The Pen."

However, Garrett’s hit-making ability hasn’t come without a misstep. Earlier this year, Nicki Minaj’s debut solo single, “Massive Attack,” which S.G. produced, failed to match expectations on radio and Billboard charts. The lemon of a single is reportedly being omitted from Pink Friday's final cut.

“That’s a disappointment. A lot of people loved that record and she really wanted it—I didn’t push it on her," Garrett tells VIBE on “Massive Attack” being cut from Minaj's debut album. "The decision she made is all her though.  But I’m a hit-maker, so it doesn’t matter to me.”

Garrett says there's no love lost with the Young Money starlet and remains open to working with Nicki again.

“Massive Attack” was huge sonically, but I don’t think it had the kind of radio success that she or I wanted. At the same time, it had a lot to do with how we rolled out with it,” he adds. “Nicki is a different type of artist. She is a pop icon, not just a rapper. I think the only people who don’t know that are her fans.”

Even with the record’s lukewarm response, Garrett feels he gave Nicki what he felt she needed as a crossover artist. Looking forward on his future with Roc Nation, The Pen is looking to push urban music's boundaries and widen his musical range.

“I’m a trendsetter—I’m not into following. I had 42 Top 10 records under my belt so I’m not worried about one missed opportunity."

Sean Garrett recently released the remix to his single “She Geeked,” which features Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, and Twista. S.G. says he plans to drop his Roc Nation debut in early 2011. —Mikey Fresh



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Jordyn Woods' start to 2019 was relatively rough but things are starting to smooth out for the 21-year-old, according to The Blast. The media outlet reports that following her cheating scandal with NBA player Tristan Thompson and her appearance on the Facebook show, Red Table Talk, Woods received numerous deals from overseas businesses.

The Blast revealed that sources involved with the deals disclosed that Woods along with her "momager," Elizabeth Woods will leave for London at the end of the month to sign "several new deals." Many of the opportunities being offered to the California native revolve around the beauty industry, including a new line for her eyelash brand.

Although Woods' mother may be her manager, she has marketing genius Sheeraz Hasan to thank for her new, lucrative deals. Hasan, who has coincidentally worked with Kim Kardashian, has handled deals between Hollywood and the Middle East for Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, and Logan Paul just to name a few. He is the brain behind Woods' upcoming trip to London, and a later trip to Dubai which she reportedly teased on her Instagram Story with a video showcasing her mother and Hasan.

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"No child should ever be exposed to sexually explicit materials and I unequivocally and categorically deny any alleged misconduct," said Massey through his lawyer Lee Hutton in a statement to TMZ. He also urged the public "not to jump to conclusions based on the allegations alone but reserve judgment until the whole story comes to light, proving these allegations baseless.”

The gossip site broke the story that the former That's So Raven actor was being sued by the family of the teenager for $1.5 million. The suit alleges that Massey send a photo of his erect penis to the girl via Snapchat in Dec. 2018.

Court documents claim that the teenager is an aspiring actress who has known Massey since she was four years old. He remained close with the family and acted as a "father figure" of sorts to the girl. She reached out to him in November 2018 about auditioning for the spinoff of his show, Cory In The House.


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Michael Jackson Artifacts Removed From World's Largest Children's Museum

Michael Jackson artifacts found in The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis have been removed. The Indiana museum is the largest children’s museum in the world.

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"As the world’s largest children’s museum, we are very sensitive to our audience," said the museum in a statement. "In an excess of caution, and in response to the controversy over the HBO film called Leaving Neverland, which directly involved allegations of abuse against children, we removed those objects while we carefully consider the situation more fully."

Despite the iconic items being nixed from the museum, items gifted to AIDS victim Ryan White by Jackson will remain on display. The song ‘Gone Too Soon’ was written after White died in 1990. The young boy idolized and befriended Jackson as he battled his illness.

“Ryan’s family found Michael Jackson’s kindness to them to be an important part of Ryan’s story, and the pictures of Michael displayed in that exhibit will always be an integral part of the Ryan White story,” the museum continued.

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