Sean Garrett Speaks On Roc Nation Deal: ‘I’m The Modern Day Lionel Richie’


Just like Nina Simone, Sean Garrett fears his fans have him all misunderstood.

After producing and composing a string of hit singles for everyone from Beyoncé to Mario, The Pen is ready to let the world in on his true talents.

“I’m so misunderstood when it comes to the music man,” Garrett told VIBE less than 24 hours after announcing his signing to Roc Nation/Columbia. “I’m not afraid to say that I’m a true genius with my craft. This isn’t something I do for the money,”

Without a trace of doubt, Garrett feels that he has the ability to become the voice of a generation. He compares himself to a Motown legend and plans to expand his brand past the music.

“I think I’m the modern-day Lionel Richie. I just want my fans to really know who I am and get to know me from the inside and out. You’ll be seeing a lot more of me on your TV—not just in music videos. Right now, it’s time to open myself up to the world.”

Now, with the Jay-Z-headed Roc Nation machine behind him, a new confidence lingers in Garrett’s tone. Wasting no time, the multi-talent has already spent time working on new records with Rihanna and Beyoncé, and plans to drop yet another remix to his single, “She Geeked,” before the end of the month.

With a roster full of burgeoning talent by his side, Garret feels like he’s already home.

“Roc Nation understands that my movement is way bigger than just my deal. The only thing that I could have asked for is an opportunity, and that’s what I was blessed with,” Garrett added. “Jay’s building a new Dynasty and it feels like family to me. No matter how much success I’ve had, I’m still humbled by the opportunity to still be creative and just be myself.” —Mikey Fresh


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