Shaheem Reid Explains MTV's Controversial 'Hottest 10 MCs Of 2010' List

Check out VIBE's Twitter interview with @ShaheemReid about MTV's Hottest MCs of 2010 List. Order = 10) Ludacris 9) B.o.B. 8) Waka Flocka Flame 7) Lil Wayne 6) Nicki Minaj 5) Rick Ross 4) Drake 3) Kanye West 2) Jay-Z 1) Eminem

VIBE: We have some great questions for @ShaheemReid. The first: What did Jay-Z do to earn his No. 2 slot?

@ShaheemReid: @VibeMagazine To me, Jay remained on top of the game. Lyrically he's the best. Hov Had the two best verses of the year with "Free Mason" and "Light Up," his BP3 tours were a success, he performed at the world series, made history with the "Home and Home Series" with Em, #1 on Forbes again. "Empire..." Was everywhere from sporting events to Sex and the City 2, "On to the Next One" was a major banger! 

VIBE: #hotmcs @ShaheemReid A few folks are tight about Waka @ No. 8: "Seriously. Does he even speak English" [email protected]ktphotos. Personally, do u cosign?

@ShaheemReid: @VibeMagazine #hotmcs question 2. My take on Waka at 8? Waka has some fun music when you go to the club. He had four bangers this year with "O Let's Do It," the remix, "Hard In the paint" and "No Hands." I danced to all of them. Lot of you did too. Lol! Can't front on that. Waka has a movement going. He moves his crowds. With that said, I actually had @myfabolouslife on my personal list instead of Waka. Funeral Fab had so many killer bars. But that's the voting process, everyone at the round table agreed to.

VIBE: #hotmcs @ShaheemReid, How come NickiMinaj is so low on mtv hot 10? Kanye is No. 3 and he only came out of hiding in the past few months

@ShaheemReid: @VibeMagazine #hotmcs. Wooo. These are good Qs. In regards to Nicki being number 6 and Ye being 3, I think that speaks to the level of competition. On my personal list, that's one I wrestled with. Nick is murdering every song she's on. If you watch the show, you'll see I said I'm more proud of her than anyone on the list because I know all she's had to overcome. But damn, Kanye had two powerful performances at the VMAs and SNL and every Friday the world is waiting to see what heat he delivers next. Plus "Power" may one of the top five songs of the year.

@ShaheemReid: Also @VibeMagazine, in regards to the #hotmcs, Wayne could have been higher as well. From 7 up, they all had valid credentials for the top spot. That's what make these round tables tough, but exciting to be apart of. So many artists were delivering heat.

@ShaheemReid: @VibeMagazine #hotmcs. One more point I wanted to add about Kanye. Everything he does, has extreme impact. So yes, he just started getting hot over the summer, but it's like if Kobe only had 5 points at Halftime and finished the game with 40. Ye is undeniable right now. An abundance of quality is coming from his way.

VIBE: Last Q: Lot of arguments about lyricism. Ur view? Does "hottest" rapper need to be a dope rapper? Can Waka be No. 1 next year? 

@ShaheemReid: @VibeMagazine to answer your last question about #hotmcs. I always see the MTV Round table voting someone who is astonishing with lyrics as the Hottest MC. To be number one, to even crack the top five, you have to slaughter mics as well as have major impact, be active along with other criteria. To be number one, you're handling your b.I. Across the board. If you look at the history of our #1s, everyone was a spitter at their core. 07-Wayne, 08-Kanye, 09-Jay-Z, 10-Eminem.



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Premiere: Duck Down Records' Smif-N-Wessun Returns With Khrysis-Produced 'Testify'

It's been nearly 25 years to the day since their classic debut Dah Shinin' impacted in January 1995, but legendary Brooklyn duo Smif-N-Wessun is still representing the culture with authority and authenticity. "Testify," the premiere music video from their upcoming album The All, adds another notch to their storied catalogs.

"Testify" begins with old photos of group members Tek and Steele in their 90s heyday, but they don't spend much time there before getting busy with present day rhymes. Over a backdrop from Khrysis, the Duck Down Records duo confidently announces their return while solidifying their legendary pedigree. The song gives a short but sweet taste from The All, their upcoming album produced entirely by 9th Wonder and the Soul Council.

“9th Wonder and the Soul Council provide the perfect backdrop for Tek and I to deliver heartfelt lyrical content,” Steele told VIBE. “It’s a true tale of ups and downs, wins and losses, growth and acceptance. It speaks to the hearts and minds of ALL people; particularly our followers and fans of ALL ages and ethnicities.”

‘Testify” is a realistic reflective look back on our accomplishments and failures throughout our career and serves as a precursor to what you will experience on The All,” Steele continued. "This project is a reality check for SNW, one that reflects the struggles and obstacles that we’ve had to endure to survive at the level we occupy in the hip-hop arena. Some, bestow the “Legend” tag upon us (we are very appreciative of that) and we are chronicling that journey throughout the album.”

The All is scheduled for a February 22, 2019 release on Duck Down Records, and is available for pre-order.

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Elle Varner Taps Wale For "Pour Me" Single

Elle Varner brought in the New Year with the new single, "Pour Me" featuring Wale. Hitting streaming services on a lovely Friday morning (Jan. 18), the lovesick boozy bop piggybacks off the success of her September release, "Loving You Is Blind."

With an assist from Washington D.C.'s very own, the "Bad" emcee heads the single with his love-drunk rendition of sexual frustration, riding over the well-placed piano keys and 808s. Varner's voice dominates the track with the healthy mix of rasp she has become known for.

"Pour me one more One more, one more, one more/I'm thinkin' 'bout you, drinkin' 'bout you/All night for sure/Pour me one more/One more, one more, one more/I'm thinkin' 'bout you, been drinkin' 'bout you," she sings.

Speaking with RatedR&B in December 2018, the "Refill" songstress revealed her new single was a "double entendre about being a poor girl who's lost the love she wants. So, pour her another,” she continued. “It has that ’90s feel. It has these hard drums and chords that are just so tickling. It’s me on a thousand.”

Stream Elle Varner's new single "Pour Me" featuring Wale below.


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Leikeli47 Drops Video For 'Tic Boom,' Announces North American Tour

Leikeli47's 2019 is off to a great start. The VIBE NEXT star announced her upcoming tour to support her recently-released album Acrylic on Friday (Jan. 18), and subsequently dropped the music video for her song, "Tic Boom."

The neutrally-colored video featured simple-yet-eye catching choreography with dancers in trench coats and fedoras. In a statement, the masked marvel says that there is a deeper meaning behind the track, which was featured on Grown-ish.

"These young women are in a face off with their inner fears; that's why it sometimes may look like they're engaging in a face off with themselves," the Brooklyn-bred musician says of the song. "It's about facing whatever your Goliath is and chopping its head off. That's what 'Tic Boom' is about. It's about owning your moment, mastery, and doing it afraid if you have to."

As for the Acrylic Tour, it will begin on March 19 in Kansas City, MO, and concludes on Apr. 26 in San Diego, Calif. Check out the full list of dates below and cop your tickets today.

3/19/19 - Kansas City, MO - Encore @ Uptown 3/20/19 - St. Louis, MO - Fubar 3/21/19 - St. Paul, MN - Amsterdam 3/22/19 - Chicago, IL - Sub T 3/24/19 - Detorit, MI - Shelter 3/25/19 - Toronto, ON - Velvet 3/26/19 - Montreal, QC - Belmont 3/27/19 - Philadelphia, PA - The Foundry @ The Fillmore 3/28/19 - Brooklyn, NY - Elsewhere 3/30/19 - Washington, DC - Milky 4/01/19 - Boston, MA - The Sinclair 4/03/19 - Pittsburgh, PA - Spirit Lodge 4/04/19 - Atlanta, GA - Loft 4/06/19 - Scottsdale, AZ - Pub Rock 4/09/19 - Houston, TX - White Oak Music Hall 4/10/19 - Dallas, TX - Dada 4/11/19 - Austin, TX - Empire Control Room 4/14/19 - Santa Cruz, CA - Atrium @ The Catalyst 4/15/19 - Sacramento, CA - Harlow's 4/16/19 - Oakland, CA - The New Parish 4/18/19 - Portland, OR - Holocene 4/19/19 - Vancouver, B.C. - Fortune Soundclub 4/21/19 - Seattle, WA - The Crocodile 4/24/19 - Los Angeles, CA - The Roxy 4/25/19 - Santa Ana, CA - Constellation Room @ The Observatory 4/26/19 - San Diego, CA - Irenic

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