A Short (Twitter) Convo With… @NotNotoriousBIG


Phantom Biggie b.k.a. @NotNotoriousBIG gives ghost writing a whole new meaning

Interview: John Kennedy

VIBE: What made you want to get on Twitter? 

@NotNotoriousBIG: I got a stress disorder or some shit; I can’t remember much after like 1997 and before 2007. Around then Puffy, told me I need to get up in this social media shit. I don’t know what the fuck its for, but it helps me keep in touch since my pager ain’t workin’ right.

You come across any player haters since joining?  

Some White DJ called A-Trak threw mad hate on my account. But you know, he Canadian, so I ain’t sweatin’ that shit. Sometimes I get bitch asses threatening me, talkin’ about, “You dead,” or whatever. That’s all part of the rap game, I guess. 

Mo’ Twitter, Mo’ Problems, indeed. What were the exchanges with @TheReal2Pac like? 

Yo I ain’t got shit to say about that situation. Wish him the best, for real. 

Any other celebs you’d like to see reincarnated on Twitter? 

Nah, motherfuckers already talk too much. Maybe DJ 50 Grand should get up in here.

Who’s Twitter do you rock with most?

I get mad folks trying to holler. I talk to Questlove the most—I think them Roots really ‘bout to blow up. A couple others had my back when Twitter tried to shut my shit down*: Toraé, dream hampton, other homies. Twitter police mad cause I’m flagrant, homie!

Why’d Twitter try to shut you down? You can’t get your account verified? 

Twitter talkin’ about they can’t verify me without documentation, but I can’t find my damn birth certificate. Guess Faye put it up in the attic with the rest of my shit. She can’t never leave my shit in one place. Damn!

*Twitter suspended @NotoriousBIG in 2009 following a complaint from a representative of Notorious B.I.G. The account was revived weeks later as @NotNotoriousBIG.



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