Social Circle: Your Responses To ‘The Mean Girls Of Morehouse’


@Gina Laroe #shoutout to @VibeMagazine for that amazing article, “The Mean Girls of Morehouse.” Well written I didn’t think they had it in them anymore!

@Lindsey Askew I never saw @vibemagazine as a responsible news source… And @aliyasking is clearly not a woman who protects her culture 

@Paul U @VibeMagazine Take the Morehouse article down, its not designed to inform, its designed to tear Morehouse’s image down!!! 

@CandidKandace It’s unfortunate that so many who are commenting on @aliyasking’s Morehouse article on @vibemagazine didn’t seem to really READ it. 

@Cuntine Just read @VibeMagazine mean girls of morehouse…the plastics make a good point but unfortunately they arent the ideal MOREHOUSE MAN.

@_NolaDarling Wall Why are ya’ll mad Spelhouse fam…I could see if @VibeMagazine published some untruth some fallacy…but that didn’t happen… 

@Trealdeboss @VibeMagazine need 2 tlk 2 us REAL Morehouse Men who r actually doin things reflecting positivly on the legacy instead the .0026% that dnt 

@MissShan74 Lot of folks slamming @VibeMagazine for Morehouse article. I found it interesting. Guess that makes for good reporting. 

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