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4) The Proof Is In The Songs

In June 2007, a showdown took place at Hot 97’s annual Summer Jam concert in New Jersey. On paper, it looked like a utter mismatch. Rapper and uber producer Kanye West, who was still basking in the glow of his classic 2005 sophomore triumph Late Registration vs. Swizz Beatz, the under-the-radar beat man who was re-gaining his mojo with a few uproarious club-aimed romps. Of course, the square off was in all good fun, but the scene that played out in front of a packed Giants stadium was more than intriguing. West came with some serious ammo: Jay Z’s “Takeover;” Ludacris’ “Stand Up;” Jigga’s “Encore;” his own Billboard no. 1 “Gold Digger.” So how would Swizz respond? By unleashing the aforementioned cuts  “Banned From TV;” “Jigga My Nigga;” the bruising “Ruff Ryders Anthem,” and Swizz’ own bass-pounding workout “Money In The Bank.”

For Rap Radar’s B. Dot, who posted the clip on the outspoken hip-hop site, it was clear who the winner was that evening, even if some readers disagreed with his verdict. “He beat Kanye West onstage at Summer Jam,” he recalls. “I decided to put the video up because a lot of people tend to forget how good Swizz can be and they needed a reminder. I laughed off the negative reactions I got from the post, but at the same time the comments made me a bit upset because I believe that people deserve to get credit for their work. And Swizz Beatz in one of those guys.”

B. Dot also points to West’s over-the-top August statement on Twitter, on which the omnipresent visionary proclaimed Swizz Beatz as “the best rap producer of all-time.” While B. Dot believes the Tweet struck a hyperbolic tone, he says the fact that an A-level superstar like West would even make such a ballsy comment speaks volumes. “I think Kanye’s comment was long overdue,” he says of the brash “Runaway” artist, who recently featured Swizz on his much talked-about Good Friday leaks “So Apalled,” “Lord, Lord, Lord” and “Power” remix. “He has sold close to 80 million records…Swizz has put out a lot of classic records, but people gave him a lot of flack early on because he was using that Casio keyboard. But that Casio keyboard turned out a lot of hits.”

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