Talking Points: Kandi Burruss On Faking For Cameras, Dating Willis McGahey, Tiny’s Arrest


On What To Expect On Real Housewives Of Atlanta This Season

“This year you’ll see me finishing up my album and going on a promo tour with Kim [Zolciak]. We’re actually gonna do this bus tour, which is gonna end up being a crazy situation [Laughs]. I don’t really know what all they’re actually gonna show because we don’t get to see it until it comes out, but I know a lot of stuff that I taped was like, now with my daughter, her father is starting to come back in her life. He’s not in any of the footage, but I know they catch me talking about that and you will see my dad. We have a conversation, and I wasn’t necessary really close close with my own father. And I was talking about the fact that I would like to be closer to him. I got back in the studio with Kim… again. “Tardy For The Party” did really well, but I didn’t really benefit off of it financially. Kim really did, so I think that’s something else we talk about on the show too. There’s not any tension. We’re cool, but it’s just business needs to be discussed going in the future. And also, I got in the studio with one of the people that’s constantly on the show—Lawrence. the one that hangs out with Sheree.”

On The New Castmate Phaedra Parks Being Called Bourgie

“I think Phaedra’s cool. I knew her before she got on the show. We weren’t close or anything, but I knew her. She’s a real cool person; I think she’s hilarious really. She is funny and the thing I’ve been hearing is that she seems a little bourgie compared to everybody else. It’s funny because it’s not like a stuck-up girl bourgie; It’s a Southern belle type. [Laughs] It’s totally different. I can’t even explain to you. You’ll just have to see for yourself. ‘Cause I know what people kinda say about Sheree and they be feeling like she’s kinda snooty sometimes, but it’s totally different. It’s real Southern. Like, textbook Southern [Laughs].”

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