Talking Points: Kandi (Pg. 2)


On Lisa Wu-Hartwell’s Comments On Faking For The Camera

“It’s not like faking things for the camera. For instance, they’ll have “pick-up” scenes. If Kim and I were talking about something or something happened between Kim and I, right? Well then they may have set-up for Kim to have lunch with one of the other girls so that they can discuss it. Basically, so you can get the background information on whatever happened. So you can explain it. But they don’t tell you what to say or anything like that. They’ll just be like, ‘Um, well we wanna know more about what happened when you said what you said about Kim’ or whatever. Or ‘Can you go to lunch with Phaedra’ or something. And then you’ll go to lunch with Phaedra to talk about whatever situation happened. I don’t know what [Lisa’s] personal experiences were. I didn’t have a lot of things that they wanted me to fake per se, but I don’t know what’s her situation. Maybe if you don’t have a lot going on for them to show, maybe they want you to come up with stuff.”

On Her Relationship With Castmates Off Camera

“Kim and I actually go on family vacations together and all kinda stuff. [This summer] we went to the Bahamas together, and that’s actually our third time going. Last year, our first trip, we went to the Bahamas because Hannah Montana was performing out there and we wanted to take our daughters, and it was both of our birthday weekends. So we went out there and we had a blast and then she talked me into going for Christmas, so I took my mom and my daughter. Then this year, after the season was over, we went again. I was supposed to be going somewhere else, but she talked me into again because Sheree had planned to be out there that same week, so we all went and had fun.”

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