Talking Points: Kandi (Pg. 3)


On Dating Willie McGahey And Her Vow Of Celibacy

“Willis and I are friends. We cool, but I can’t really go into the situation because they don’t wanna tell you anything about anything that’s going on in the show in the future. But he and I are friends. That’s pretty much all I can say. It’s not what everybody’s trying to make it seem. But he’s cool people.”

“One thing that I will say, especially during this whole not-having-sex thing, is I definitely feel like it gives you time to really really get to know the person and to just have fun with the person. It forces you to not let things get too serious too fast, because sometimes when you cross the line early and it turns into a sexual relationship, you get blinded into believing that you just crazy about that person. All of a sudden, you want it to go into him being your man or you being his girl quickly, but if you don’t bring sex into the situation too soon, you really get to pace yourself and get to just date. And for real, for real date. Like, ‘You need to come pick me up and plan some stuff.’ I noticed that for the longest I don’t think I really dated. Where he’s really coming to pick you up and planning things. Guys don’t really plan things anymore. It’s more so, ‘Hey, you wanna meet me up at the such and such.’ [Laughs] But if they really wanna be with you and get to know you, they gon’ go out they way for what they want.”

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