Talking Points: Kandi (Pg. 4)


On Her Upcoming Album & Working With Ne-Yo

We’re done really. It’s going into mastering now and that’s it really. I worked with Ne-Yo. He’s actually gonna be on this coming episode. I worked with Bryan Micheal-Cox. Um, J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, Jazze Pha. The thing about going into the session with Ne-Yo is I didn’t know if he’d wanna collaborate or if he just wanted to write himself. Of course, I write most of my own stuff. I’m with Warner Bros. [Records] now and the A&R for my project was like, ‘I want you to get in the studio with Ne-Yo,’ and I was thinking I love Ne-Yo, but at the same time, how is this going to work? So when I went in with him, he was real cool. He was real open like, ‘Nah, let’s collaborate. I want us to collaborate,’ so we actually did two songs. I held back because what’s the point doing a session with Ne-Yo if you don’t let Ne-Yo do what Ne-Yo do? I wanted it to be mostly his imput and his vibe because that was the point in getting a Ne-Yo record. We did two and kept one—this song called “Me And You.” It’s really dope. We took the “Elevators” beat from Outkast. It’s crazy. I so wanna put a snippet on my site for people to hear it because hearing me singing it in the booth it’s not doing it any justice on the show. You really can’t hear it for real, for real. But when you hear the record, the record is crazy.”

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