Talking Points: Kandi (Pg. 5)


On Why She Continues Doing Reality TV

“It definitely ended up being a good business move. When I first did it, I didn’t go into it with any type of plan or intention. I just was doing something because they approached me and it seemed to be cool. But after I seen it, it definitely does have a lot of impact, as far as your influence. It’s amazing how many people really watch the show and really follow everything you’re doing. And because of that, they’ll support you. They wanna know what’s going on in your music. They wanna know what’s going on with other things that you’re trying to have going on, so that’s why I wanted to do it one more year. Because obviously with me doing the album, it just made sense. I definitely can do without al l the negative that comes from it, but hey, the bad comes with the good and vice versa.

“I always felt I had tough skin, but I really feel like that now. You just have to be able to not care what people say and what people think. And I definitely feel like I’ve grown as far as not responding. Your first mind wants to respond to everything everybody got to say because it’s not true, but now it’s gotten to the point where I realize the best thing to do is not respond half the time. I can’t say that I would want to be doing reality TV forever. That’s not really my goal in life. And I don’t wanna be known to be a reality TV star, but if that’s helping with my other business moves then okay. I’ll take it.”

On Other Reality Shows She Watches

“I watched Basketball Wives last year, and I tried to keep up with Chili’s show [What Chilli Wants] for the most part. I watched Fantasia’s [as well]. If it’s people that I’m cool with and friends with, I try to catch it or at least DVR it. Real and Chance, I can’t even do it. [Laughs] So I just didn’t watch that no more. Maybe I caught ‘em on a bad day. I don’t know, but… I realized when I look at Bravo, our Housewives and the Jersey Housewives are the two biggest ones. To me, it seems like the total of stereotypes. We fit the stereotypes of what they try to say [about Italian women and Black women]. It fits the stereotype, even though we really don’t wanna be the stereotypes. If we really look at ourselves and look at what they say how Black girls act or whatever, it kinda fits the stereotype and it’s crazy.”

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