Talking Points With Lisa Wu-Hartwell (Pg. 2)


On Becoming An Author:

I have a book now coming out November 1. You can go on and get it. It’s called When the Cake is Made. I did that book with Miasha Coleman and she has several novels out so we co authored the book and it’s about sisterhood. Two women come together to help this one woman that was dealing with domestic violence and helping her to realize she needs to help herself and they find out things about each other—and they bond with each other—there’s so many twists and turns, we’re actually bringing that book to film so we’re excited about that. We’re attaching talent now and we have funding. We’re really excited about brining that to the brig screen. I can’t talk too much about it yet because we’re still working on the contracts but everybody is gonna run out and see it. It has a lot of twists and turns and it will have you at the edge of your seat.