Talking Points With Lisa Wu-Hartwell (Pg. 4)


On Her Burgeoning Movie Career:

I’m in a movie that Tyrese is in where I play a martial artist. It’s called 6713 and Bill Duke is directing it. Lynn Whitfield is in it, there’s a lot of a-list stars attached. I don’t know which ones are there but it’s going to be a blockbuster film. It’s distributed through universal. I play Leilani in the movie and it’s kind of like a Sci Fi, mystery, action film. And the same people that do the sequence on Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon will be doing my sequence. I’ve studied martial arts for years and I understand that I’ll be doing some sword fighting and I’ll be doing some training really soon so I’m excited to do some action stuff. I’m also doing a biopic. It’s a movie called Mo Ling and I’m playing the lead. It’s about a half Asian, black lady that was married about 4 or 5 times and went through a lot of hardships, domestic violence. There are a lot of similarities so I was able to really tap in to that character so we’ll be shooting that before the year is out and I’m excited to claim that part. I also did the Meet the Browns stuff and people have been sending me scripts. I’ve been auditioning a lot. I’m excited.