True Studio Stories: Twista Recalls Recordings With Jay-Z, Kanye West, Trey Songz & More


Do Or Die Feat. Twista

I remember being at a flea market on [Chicago’s] Madison Avenue when I was first talking to AK from Do Or Die about doing the record. I remember being broke than a muthafucka, not having a pot to piss in. I think I was living in my brother’s house. I told my buddies I was going to quit rappin’ if I don’t make it this year. When I came in the studio that night, “Po Pimp” was a fury of all the lyrical and life pressure coming out in one verse. Like, I gotta find a way with this one muthafuckin’ verse, cause I can’t do it no more. I heard the beat and was like a demon in there.

The thing that was crazy was they had laid their parts already—I might’ve seen AK lay some bars—and I laid my part and they were sitting there listening to it and I don’t know what the look on their faces was. I think it meant they knew that I had killed it, but they didn’t have me as an artist.

That style had really not been done to that level yet, so it was really like sitting there and hearing something new. If you didn’t like a wack song or verse, we pull out the imaginary shotgun, cock it, aim it at the mixboard and go Boom! [Laughs] My guy put the shotgun up. He un-cocked it and set it down. He said, “No shotgun on this one. This one’s the shit.” And we all just stood around the board and listened.

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