Twista Big Ups Waka Flocka Flame, Speaks On Raekwon & Eminem Collaborations


Did Adrenaline Rush 2007 live up to its predecessor? 

Nah, I definitely think it was a different feeling because I wasn’t working with Traxster when I did Adrenaline Rush 2007. I don’t think it compared or matched up to it, but I think it shined out on it’s own and should be respected.

The new record has a song with Waka Flocka Flame, who’s a pretty polarizing figure. Why’d you tap him for the record?

When I heard the beat, before I wrote one word I knew I wanted Waka Flocka on the song. The thing that draws me to Waka is the grimey Chicago nigga feel of the things he says. Your first thought when you hear somebody like that is, how the fuck did this nigga get to come out? I know I can rap better than him.

Yeah, he catches a bad, um, rap.

Some artists that people think are not talented have an art form to what they do, a sound. Other people don’t respect it because they listen to a person’s accent or listen from a different element. But me being a true artist, I hear what they are doing. I said “wow” when Waka’s first couple of songs was on. He reminded me of a Chicago street rapper, that’s why I wanted to mess with him. People don’t realize that music is also meant to be fun. You know the difference between flat-out playing in the studio and somebody that is going in there with some type of direction.

How’d you end up linking with Raekwon on “The Heat”?

Really just having mutual respect for each other’s music. He had a mixtape joint in mind that had that vibe to it, and I was honored that Rae from Wu-Tang reached out. It definitely had that vibe, so I jumped on it immediately, and he liked the joint. I seen him again at a Busta Rhymes video, we chopped it up about doing some music, so when I came with “The Heat,” he was the first person that came to mind. Even now we’re talking about doing more music.

One person who you didn’t get to work with was Eminem. What do you think that collaboration would sound like?

Just crazy—both of us being from the Midwest, having crazy cadences, rhythms and sounds that we can do. I definitely think it’ll be a unique sound and something crazy for the fans to hear from two brothers that reprsent the Midwest, you know what I mean?



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