Upcoming 3D Movies That Shouldn’t Be In 3D (Pg. 2)


2. The Blue Man Group 3D

If you’ve never seen The Blue Man Group’s performance art stage show,  at least you can say you’ve definitely seen ‘them’ before. The mime-like, earless, mouthless bald men in latex blueface, dressed in black tops and slacks got their start in late 80s New York City. But they have since found an international cult following and fanbase. Not only have they appeared on television but the group has scored the music for movies as well. Their stage act incorporates music, comedy and multimedia, but for the premise for their movie incarnation? It’s a Fantastic Voyage-inspired story where the blue men “enter the brain of a “socially and creatively congested person, observe his brain functions and alter it,” say its filmmakers. This one might be exclusively for the BMG fans, because it’s hard to imagine a mass make or break box office audience flocking theaters to see that tale.


3. All the animated children’s films slated for release in 2011 and 2012

Okay this is a cheat entry because it is not one movie. But question: does every future animated film really need to be in 3D? Here’s a sampling of  six 3D animated film slated to hit theaters in 2011 and 2012 out of the 14 currently in production; they include: Ricky Gervais’ FlanimalsKung Fu Panda:The Kaboom of Doom, Cars 2, Happy Feet 2, Puss in Boots and Madagascar 3. It’s obvious the extra money 3D films generate at the box office is a huge catalyst for this trendy movement, and pretty soon many households will upgrade to 3D televisions in their homes. But in an oversaturated technological world filled with smart phones, electronic books, notepads and planners plus computers and home and handheld videogames, (which has been resulting in much poorer eyesight overall and glasses galore for a whole new generation) is the idea of occasionally watching an animated film in 2D that foreign of a concept?