V Exclusive: Yung Berg Talks Producing For Diddy, Pulling The ‘Race Card’ On Lil Kim & Robbery Rumors


Gangsta posturing has been synonymous with rap music since NWA’s “Fuck Tha Police” days. However, many hopeful young G’s quickly find out that there are real—often violent—consequences when trying to climb to the top of the hip-hop hierarchy. Being relieved of your jewelry often serves as a reminder that you can’t fake the funk.

Unfortunately for Yung Berg, his name has lingered around a number of alleged robberies, with multiple parties posing in pictures wtih the 24-year-old rapper’s bling. But Berg is back with a new attitude and understanding of his place in the rap game. Now fully embracing his pretty boy persona, Berg phoned into VIBE offices to talk about producing for Diddy and Jim Jones, his new mixtape, and his latest robbery rumors. —Mikey Fresh


VIBE:What took so long for you to release this mixtape?

Yung Berg: I actually put out a couple mixtapes but they didn’t get the coverage that I wanted. I did one with my boy K-Young who sings called Dream Team, but Ground Work was just the one that caught on.

Well, we’ve definitely been hearing your name—but not necessarily because of the new records.

Yeah, I just really felt like I put the work in on this mixtape. I got records with Too $hort, Roscoe Dash, Dawn from Dirty Money and my man Lil B. It was time for me to let the world know I’m back in business and ready to take over.

You start this mixtape off pretty aggressive. In the opening lines you talk about having sex with people’s girls, aunts, moms, and so forth. Is this the new Yung Berg?

That’s jut how I feel. I’m not a gangsta rapper, a thug, or anything like that. I’m a pretty boy that has sex with a lot of women. [Laughs] Every birdie is up for grabs right now.

There’s been a ton of rumors about you that I’m sure you’re aware of, were you going through any personal issues?

A lot of people don’t know that I’ve been behind the scenes producing and writing records for a lot of different artists. I actually have two records on Diddy’s Last Train To Paris album that I produced, one called “Make Love To You” and “Half On A Baby” that I co-wrote as well. They’re both slower, R&B type songs. He actually sent the “Half On A Baby record to Rico Love who I’ve been building a relationship with.

Are there any other big projects you’ve been working on?

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