The Vixen Blog: My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party [Pg. 3]


I found a great package for all of our hotels and airfare on Even after dividing the bride-to-be’s portion, we each spent less than I did on my last Vegas vacation. I chose the Doubletree San Juan for it’s consistency in customer service, business center, proximity to Condando Beach, and of course, the warm cookies. In one weekend we were able to cram in great dining, nightlife, casino action, spa, swimming, tanning, and plenty of much needed girl talk. We returned to Florida refreshed and renewed in our bonds as girlfriends (something no gyrating stripper in a banana hammock can accomplish).

With the wedding approaching in the next few days, I’ve discovered that the trick to being the best Maid of Honor is not to throw the most expensive talked about parties, or embarrass your friend with a barrage of cheesy novelties. Your main goal is to keep her relaxed, laughing, and drama free amidst the commotion as she prepares to start a new chapter in life. I’ve got this in the bag! Now I wonder if any of the groomsmen are single…

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