The Vixen Blog: My Best Friend’s Bachelorette Party By Vanessa Veasley


Are bachelorette parties just as raunchy as their male couterparts? Check out what gorgeous vixen, Vanessa Veasley has to say after taking a trip to Puerto Rico with her girls and the wife-to-be…

When I got the call from my best friend Kimberly that her boyfriend had proposed, I think I spread the word faster than she did. There is nothing more admirable to me than when two amazing people make the decision to build a meaningful foundation together. Then, when she called a week later to inform me they had set a date, and that date was less than 3 months away… I wanted to shake her like a rag doll! As her Maid of Honor, she had given me only a few weeks to plan and execute a bridal shower and bachelorette party with my erratic urban model schedule and budget. Oh, and let’s not forget I live in Philly and the rest of the wedding party resides in South Florida.

Lucky for me I had support. The other two bridesmaids while very busy professionals(a doctor, and a social worker), were able to pitch in and help me pull off everything flawlessly. 

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