Yung Berg Addresses Robbery Rumors, Reality TV Show In The Works (Pg. 3)


Why do you think the media is constantly throwing dirt on your name?

I know I’m responsible for creating some of that negative energy toward myself, and take responsibility for all my own actions. I know I’ve done some things in my past that may have people looking at me crazy but at the same time I can’t control what a media outlet is going to write about me. I can’t worry about that.

The most recent has been UK rapper Rowdy-T claiming that he robbed you and took your Batman charm. He even posted pictures with it online. Can you at least clear that up?

Nothing has been taken from me that has any real value to me. Unless they take my vocal chords, my ability to make a beat, or hum a melody than I feel like I haven’t lost anything. Anything that’s materialistic I can get back.

Was that your jewelry that Rowdy posted pictures of?

I don’t even want to talk about that because this shall pass, too. My music is what is going to stick around, and I don’t want anything to take the focus off that. As far as anything else, I’m just not going to talk about it because people are going to believe whatever they want. I don’t get into the WWF side of things. I’m trying to be like Smokey Robinson with a catalog of hit records. I can’t be worried about what goes on Internet sites. That doesn’t generate any money for me.

Got it. So you’re at least okay? Not injured or harmed in any way?

I’m beautiful, man. I’m like a newborn baby. There’s nothing wrong with me or anything. The only person I have beef with is the Devil.

What else can we expect from you?

I’m working on a new reality TV show. I feel like there are a lot of misconceptions about the guy that I really am. You’ve heard me speak a lot of different ways, but I’ve changed and grown. I came in the game when I was 21 years old, and I wasn’t cookie-cutter ready. I want people to understand my mistakes. Nothing is going to break me now. I’m still at my condo making hit records with five, six different girls coming to see me everyday. I can’t be a guy that’s upset over anything.




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