10 Quotables From Kanye West’s Hot 97 Interview (Nude Pics, Amber Rose & Taylor Swift)


During a lengthy interview with Funkmaster Flex on Hot 97 last night (Nov. 2), Kanye West, a little tipsy from sipping on some Chardonnay, went in on a variety of topics, including his upcoming album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, his relationship with Amber Rose, his G.O.O.D. Friday releases and his collabo project with Jay-Z, Watch the Throne. Our favorite quotes below.

On his nude pics leaking
“Have you heard the first line of ‘Runaway’? [I sent this girl a picture of my dick] I only rap reality. I went to the Internet… They had the link, I went to it… Man, you cannot imagine how disappointed I was that I got cut off.”

On being misunderstood
“The media is scared, they scared of me. They scared of a Black man with this taste level but this connection with Pusha, Jeezy, Ross… So what they do in order to take that power away, they try to turn me into a demon and it’s happened so many times throughout history. They knocked the nose off the Sphinx. They tried to tell you aliens built the pyramids… People need to understand, I’m not above the people—I’m of the people. I love the people.”

On his album artwork being banned

“It was disappointing to me because… I was chilling with my ex-fiance about three months ago—Alexis, because we’re still good friends—and she was like, ‘You’re very ‘70s right now, just your whole vibe, when the artistry was on that level’… It’s a level of purity that I feel like has been tainted. For my kids, if it’s proper art I would definitely allow them to see that. I was in fourth grade painting nude women.”

On how amazingly he raps
“Let me please express how amazingly I rap at this point.”

On the trend of “hashtag rap”
“We develop and change rap styles altogether. Look at the hashtag rap. That’s what we call it when we take the ‘like’ or ‘as’ out of a metaphor. ‘Flex sweater red. Fire truck.’ Everybody raps like that… I still like that style but this album we not even doing similes with ‘like’ or ‘as.’ It’s just a series of statements. We on some real, push the culture forward.”

On Amber Rose and “Runaway”
“She definitely was an inspiration for me… You have to realize in my situation with the ups and downs that I’ve been through, the losses, the ups, just everything, sometimes you make decisions like, ‘I’ma just do this one right here. I’m try this one.’ It’s proper rock star shit! Sometimes people get married in a week.”

On Watch The Throne album with Jay-Z
“You got different types of kings. I’m like Braveheart. I’m the type of king that… a warrior king.”

On Taylor Swift
“The situation is bigger to me than the Bush moment. It’s bigger than a lot of things… So few Black men make it that far and that’s why I said there were so many fans of mine that were upset.”

On his verse on “Power” remix
“Kobe was helping me write the ‘Power’ remix verse ’cause he knows about power… He said, ‘I planned 2 win. I didn’t want 2 win Game 6.’”

On Jim Jones’ and Cam’ron’s “Runaway” diss track
“I haven’t heard it because I don’t want to be distracted by that. Like I said to Jim when I saw him [before they dropped the track], I really love his music. You don’t understand how much I love Dipset. Dipset is so necessary. It’s kinda like when Jay-Z did ‘Death of Autotune,’ that was a necessary moment. There’s people that don’t agree with anything that I’m doing. But I agree with it, so I’ma keep doing it.”

[Props for ripping the interview: Rap Radar]

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