5 Visual Artists Kanye Needs For His Fantasy


Mr. West has been giving fans small doses of his fantasy, but the writers over at Parlour Magazine have found a few artists that could make Yeezy’s imagery a bit more dark and twisted.

Kanye West is on a roll. He recently debuted his short-film Runaway, as well as released the intended artwork for his upcoming release, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. However, according to his tweets the original art may have been scrapped due to label concerns. But this is ‘Ye. He can’t release just one cover—he is planning on releasing five album covers to support Fantasy, all of which will be available when you buy the album. No details have been released as to who will produce the artwork, but just in case, we assembled a solid list of five artists we would like to see Kanye collaborate with on this project, and in the future.

Wangechi Mutu

Kenyan-born Wangechi Mutu’s work is not for the lighthearted. At first, it’s a ethereal landscape of glamour and fantasy, but upon closer inspection of her her painted and collaged pieces which depict women in a variety of tones and compositions, they eye absorbs everything from the beautifully empowering to the borderline perverse. Known for attacking stereotype, gender, culture and history head on with her imagery, she may be a little too much for Kanye to handle. But if he is brave enough to stand up to her aesthetic, the end result could be major.


Check out the other artists here.

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