8 Quotables From Nicki's 'My Time Now' Documentary

An in-depth look into Nicki Minaj's Barbie world was aired last night on her MTV documentary My Time Now. The hottest female rapper out at this point just dropped her debut album Pink Friday, and is on a marketing high with the release of her own line of MAC Cosmetics lipstick. From her VMA performance to her journey home, the Trinidadian raptress bares her pink-tinged soul like we've never seen before, and we've got our favorite quotes here:

On the lack of female rapper success:
"You know, why isn't there a female rapper turned mogul? I mean, mogul. Having an empire that lives on beyond your rap career? And so I don't know why women haven't done it, I just know I wanna be the first woman to do it, and I will be."

On being hands-on with her business:
"I wish I could just make music and not worry about anything. That's what I say all day. I wish I could be one of those artists that just go to the studio and like, everything else they don't deal with it, but I'm not. I just, I deal with everything. I have a calendar in my brain and sometimes it overwhelms me 'cause I wanna just focus, but I can't."

On her alter-ego Roman Zolansky:
"Roman is a crazy boy who lives in me, and he says the things that I don't wanna say. He was born, you know, just a few months ago. I think he was born out of rage; we was conceived in rage, so he bashes everyone. He threatens to beat people and he's violent. He wants to be blamed. I don't wanna blame him; I ask him to leave, but he can't. He's here for a reason. People have brought him out. People haven't conjured him up now he won't leave."

On her early childhood:
"When I was really, really young, maybe like a toddler, my mother left. Both my parents left, so I was left with me and my brother, we were with my grandmother. A lot of times when you're from the islands, your parents will leave and then send for you because it's easier when they've established themselves. When they have a place to stay, when they have a job. I thought it was gonna be for a few days; it turned into two years without my mother."

On what she believed New York would be like, and its reality:
"I thought it was gonna be like a castle. You know, white picket fence. Like a fairytale. When I got off the plane and it was cold, I remember the smell. i could always remember the smell when I got out of the airport of the snow. And i had never seen snow."

On her father's drug addiction:
"My father would yell and curse a lot. It was right in the crack era. We didn't know, but he fell victim to crack shortly after he moved to America. And then when you're on crack, you can't keep a job. And when you can't keep a job, you don't have money. And when you don't have money, you steal. And you steal from your family. You steal from you wife's pocketbook. And you'll seal your son's video game."

On demanding the same respect as dudes:
"I always do everything people want me to do-- 911, I rush in, I do everything-- but when I want niggas to do shit for me, it's a different fuckin' story. That's niggas egos getting in the way, but when I have a ego, I'm a bitch, so I'll be that. Niggas walk around this fuckin' game with the biggest fuckin' ego. you fan't tell niggas shit, but when i stand up for myself… When you're a girl, you have to be everything, You have to be dope at what you do, but you have to be super sweet, and you have to be sexy, and you have to be this and you have to be that and you have to be nice, and you have to-- it's like, i can't be all of those things at once. I'm a human beeeeeeeeeeeeeing."

On what makes her happy:
Don't get it twisted. It's not about money, it's not about the fame. It's about I don't have to worry about if my little brother is gonna be able to get a new toy for Christmas. It's those little tiny things that really make up the bigger picture. So, my happiness doesn't come from money or fame. My happiness comes from seeing life without struggle."

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