Acceptance Speech: Krayzie Bone Speaks On ‘Crossroads’ Victory, Song’s Original Version


I saw that “Crossroads” was in the running a few weeks ago through my Facebook. But being on the road, I forgot all about it, and then a few of my people started calling me telling me we won. Then my manager hit me, and I knew this was real big.

I remember going in to record the song like it was yesterday. First of all, we had another “Crossroads” that sounded different. The original mix was done for one of our partners who was a part of the group. He was like the sixth Bone member before he got killed; his name was Wally. That’s who we made the record for originally. But right after we signed with Eazy-E, we started losing a lot of friends and relatives. I lost my cousin and brother-in-law, Wish Bone’s Uncle Charles was killed, Layzie lost an unborn child and Eazy died. So as soon as we thought we made it things took a turn for a worse in our personal lives.

We couldn’t even understand why everything was happening, so we decided to remake the song and dedicate it to everyone we lost. “Crossroads” was a straight up dedication to our peoples, we had no intention of making it a single. So for this record to take off and become a classic was unimaginable. As soon as it touched radio, “Crossroads” was number one in damn near every city. It just goes to show you if you come from the heart, people will feel it. Fans tell us all the time how much the song means to them, and how they played it at their loved ones’ funerals. To this day when we perform it, there will be like 20 people in the crowd crying.

“Crossroads” definitely broadened our fan base to all races and types of people. We ended up touring the world off that record. It just took Bone to another level. What really put the stamp on it was winning the Grammy award. We hadn’t been nominated on any award show before that. That’s when it really hit me that “Crossroads” had a real impact on the world.

This one is for everyone who never got to see us really make it to the top. I know they are all proud. Especially Eazy, he was the one that believed in us since day one, even when we didn’t believe in ourselves. We were some wild cats back in the day. Getting kicked out of every hotel we stayed in and getting into all kinds of drama, he dealt with a lot of shit. But he never thought about kicking us to the curb. He just wanted us to shine. ?As Told To Mikey Fresh

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