Battle Of The Ballers: Donovan McNabb Vs. Michael Vick


By Richard Boadu of 6Magazine

No one saw it coming, Michael Vick has thrown seven touchdowns and no picks. He has a career high 105.3 QB rating and 61% completion percentage. Donovan McNabb was benched last week and has been playing his worst football all year.

The two share a big brother little brother bond and have known each other since 1999. McNabb has always been seen as the “marketable star” as Vick always had that “edge” to him. When Vick returned from his prison sentence his chances for coming back into the league were slim to none. McNabb, not insecure one bit, reached out to his head coach at the time, Andy Reid and brought his little brother out to be his backup in Philly. Crazy, but if McNabb doesn’t bring Vick to Philly last year, McNabb is possibly still an Eagle and not a Redskin and Vick possibly not in the league. The last time these two faced off, Vick left early and McNabb won in Philly. Monday Night Football. McNabb and Vick, big brother versus little brother. Big plays, controversy, and barbershop arguments are sure to loom. Peep the stats…

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