Boris Kodjoe’s 4-Point Plan to Keeping a Marriage Hot


 1. You’ve got to be with someone you like

 “I’m married to my best friend, actress Nicole Ari Parker so I never get bored. We always have a good time whatever we do and we laugh a lot.”

2. You’ve got to choose to trust 

“Trust is a choice, you can’t just earn somebody’s trust you’ve got to make a choice to trust.  If you don’t do that you’re going to go into a relationship all wound up just trying to protect yourself. And it never works.”


3. Communicate very well and be present [in the relationship]

“Especially for men it’s very important that they’re present. Present doesn’t just mean being physically present. It also means taking the other person in and responding to their needs and their wishes. That’s very important for a woman.”

4. You gotta keep it sexy

“Nicole and I make a big effort to keep it sexy. We go out on dates, we work out together and we make sure we look good for the other. You know what I mean?”

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