Brandon Smith Talks ‘Butt Busting’ Dangers of Skating With The Stars

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If Skating With The Stars Brandon Smith looks familiar there’s a very good reason. The  21-year-old wunderkind is has been in showbiz since the age of 7, has appeared in the film Gridiron Gang and currently stars in the Disney sitcom, Sonny With a Chance that begins it’s third season on January 29th. Smith recently checked in with VIBE to share how’s he’s presently spending his holiday season thru December 22nd; trying to stay alive week to week and avert busting his butt on Skating With The Stars. —Ronke Idowu Reeves


VIBE: Everybody can’t ice skate as easily as they can dance. Is that the fundamental difference between Dancing With The Stars and Skating With The Stars?

Smith: Let me tell you one big factor that makes SWTS so much more dangerous than DWTS; you’ve got a live TV show with six celebrities that have either never skated, or skated over a century ago. And we’re talking about basic moves from going forward and backward to lifting people to spinning in the air, to jumps to footwork moves. If you’re not ready to put 120% into this competition you’ll hurt yourself. And I’m taking spills and falls unlike any other. So what’s the difference? The danger factor. Butts have been busted; I’m telling you butts have been busted. [laughs.]


People were pissed in the weeks after Brandy got dropped from DWTS, are you concerned about how you’ll fare on ice?

I’m worried. In any competition you want to stay in as long as possible to show your potential. But it’s a 50/50 thing [on SWTS]— fifty percent of the vote comes from the viewers and the rest comes from the judges. Last week we got moderate scores and came in third place but this week I’m counting on my fans to hit the phones and vote. And my partner is a two-time national champion. We’ve been training for the past five weeks six hours a day.  Four hours on the ice two hours in the dance studio. We do all our moves on the floor before we bring them to the ice and… bust our behinds [laughs.]


You’ve been able to transition from child star in the acting game to working adult in the industry without drama. What’s your secret?

The one central theme that is paradigm among every single person in every culture— family. It’s essential, integral, what keeps me together and is the glue to my life. Even though I have my own place every Sunday night I have my family and my close friends come over for dinner. Pop puts me in check if he thinks I’m getting a little too funny or joking around too much. My dad always gives me that reality check, and it always plays in the back of my mind. 


Skating With The Stars airs Monday nights at 8pm ET/PT on ABC.