Cali Swag District’s C-Smoove Rates Wolf Blitzer’s Soul Train Awards ‘Dougie’: ‘It Was Tight’


Not all dance tracks are made equal.

Consider that Cali Swag District’s club-ready hit “Teach Me How To Dougie,” took over last night’s Soul Train Awards for a moment when The Situation Room host Wolf Blitzer took to the stage for his own rendition of the exuberant dance.

CSD’s C-Smoove caught the show last night and couldn’t believe his group’s song was being celebrated by such an unlikely crowd.

“It was crazy, because when he came out you could tell what he was about to say but when the song dropped, it just changed the whole thing,” C-Smoove told VIBE earlier today. “Like, wow, this song is really being played right now at the Soul Train Awards, are you serious? The Soul Train Awards is like a whole ‘nother era. ”

He continues: “I was lost for words, then on top of that, you got an old white guy trying to Dougie. So it was cool, I laughed at it.  It was tight.”

How would the rug-cutting rapper rate Blitzer’s one-two step?

“I’d give him like a six,” Smoove says with a laugh, “for trying.”

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