For Colored Girls Who Wish…


4) ‘For Colored Girls’ that wish colored men & the women that love them would stop whining that the movie wasn’t enough // TheWrap

I went to see For Colored Girls on opening night and was blown away by how powerful it was. Many were sceptical that Tyler Perry would be able to pull off such a complex and emotionally tormented work of art, but my hat tips to him, as I think he did so and more. Although, it wasn’t tear-inducing to myself, the movie was filled with women-of all races- that allowed their feelings to flow freely. There were sniffles & snots, hugs & anger, shouts of horror and gasps of unbelief. This, to me means that the movie hit a chord that resonanted among the community it was directed towards- women that are emotionally, physically, spiritually & mentally battered. It was needed.

Now, what annoys me is the legion of black men and women that want to challenge the necessity of the so-called incessant depiction of the “no-good” black man in the film. To you all, I say get over it! Yes, there are positive black men in the world—so what. This film wasn’t about them or for them. As a matter of fact the movie wasn’t about any men-good or bad. The men were merely a vehicle to allow women, to see inside ourselves. So why I ask, are so many black men, and the women that feel the need to defend them, whining about it?

What’s funnier to me is that those whining are not the ones that should be. I’ve heard and read commentary about the “bitter” portrayal of men from boys who don’t fall into the “good man” class by a long shot. The one’s that have two and three baby mamas. The ones that go out every night of the week popping bottles, but live at home with their mothers, and don’t pay rent.

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