CyHi The Prynce Describes Debut Album As The Hip-Hop Version of ‘Grease’


Riding high off several memorable guest appearances as part of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D. Friday music series, CyHi The Prynce is gearing up to release his second mixtape since signing with the label, titled Allies.

“I was really trying to solidify myself as an artist with Royal Flush, and I feel like I did that,” says CyHi in regards to his first mixtape release under Kanye’s tutelage. “So with the Allies mixtape, I just want to answer the questions of the fans. I got my peers on this one. It’ll be here in about a month or two, and every track on there features a different artist that I respect.”

While the Atlanta’s native debut mixtape was a solid release, exemplifying CyHi’s conscious story-filled raps coupled with his knack for speaking for the underappreciated, the constant cry from his fans to collaborate with other artists pushed the emcee to reach out to a select bunch of his peers such as Pill, J.Cole, and Big Sean.

Raised on the music of Southern geniuses like UGK and OutKast, ‘Ye’s newest protégé recalls high school friends putting him onto emcees like Nas and Wu-Tang. With all as heavy influences, CyHi compares his forthcoming debut album to an unlikely American musical.

“The title of my album right now is Hardway Musical. It’s going to be the urban, inner-city, hip-hop, modern version of Grease. There might be a few songs on there just about me, but everything else is second- or third person. You’ll really be watching a movie, I’m just narrating,” explains Cyhi. “I’ve been working on my solo career for roughly two or three years, and I was always the guy who wanted to put my music out strategically.” —Mikey Fresh


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